How it started


Everything has started in the car on the way from Ngurah Rai. On the way a brave question comes: “What do you think about building a house from shipping containers? Are you down ? Instantaneous and spontaneous answer. “Let´s do it!!” This sentence has started the whole process of pursuing a dream.  After all day and all night conversations, a concept of creating something special, unique and inspiring for other people has been created. In the moment when we were standingin the middle of a construction site, none of us were able to clearly name what is going to happen and what is the concept exactly going to be. 

The first four houses, gallery, studio and restaurant are done and dusted. At an inspiring and charming location, a series of houses are being built for friends who have the same mindset of creating something special and unique along with recycling and being environmental friendly. Each of the houses has a special and different concept and meaning. An idea has risen above the ground, to call the place JOSHUA DISTRICT, connecting all the houses with an original restaurant, gallery, photo-studio, organic garden, and ramp for skateboarding and yoga shala.

VISION is to find an investment for HUB_WORKSHOP_VILLA. When we manage that, meaning of JOSHUA DISTRICT will be "complete"

All of this is happening right now, follow us and inspire us. 

JOSHUA DISTRICT: One vision interconnects us: improve the current state of things and leave a positive mark behind us, meet with inspiring people with whom we wish to share a place with special energy.