About Us

Welcome to JOSHUA DISTRICT, a centre of creativity built from shipping containers. JOSHUA DISTRICT is a unique place in south Bali located in the middle of rice fields, where everything is green, peaceful & virgin. We wish to fill this place with encouraging energy and inspiration. Here we connect people into community, learn from each other and enjoy present moment.



Everything began in a car on the way from Ngurah Rai when an ambitious question popped up. “What do you think about building something special in Bali—a villa in rice fields—villa from shipping containers? Are you down?” An instantaneous and spontaneous answer—Let’s do it—started it all. After never-ending discussions and night talks, a vision of building center of creativity standing in rice, something special, inspiring and creative has been formed.

At that moment when we were standing in rice fields in the middle of a construction site of containers house, no one was able to clearly name what is going to happen and what concept it is going to be. The empty container houses were standing there, waiting for us to repurpose them. And this is how we built a centre of creativity in Bali. We’ve had the vision of building a place where people can work on their improvement and leave a positive mark. We also knew that we wanted to share this place to connect people and to create a meeting point of creativity.

Joshua District Team

We understand that employers get the staff they deserve. For us, creating a strong company
culture isn’t just good for business. It’s the right thing to do, and it makes our company an enjoyable
place for all — staff, owners and customers.





Recycle or die

Our life. Our philosophy. Your inspiration? We convert waste materials into new mediums and objects.
Recycling prevents the waste of potentially useful materials and reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials.
“Recycle or die” is a motto that was given to us by an artist named YOKII.

This creative waste material slogan represents what we have been doing in Bali —
reducing the amount of waste by creating waste art and organising beach cleanups to minimise
the impact of trash on Balinese nature. “Recycle or die”, there is no other option.